A Club TSC membership costs $50 for 4 quarters of exclusive membership.

Club TSC members have exclusive access to view their club status as well as their rebate status.

The Club Status page can be viewed when logged into the TSC Apparel web account. In the top right corner of the screen, members will see a "Club TSC" button. This button gives access to view:

  • Current staus
  • Expiration date
  • Rebate amount earned to date
  • Quarterly savings
  • Quarterly spending and rebate earnings
  • Previous quarter's statistics

Members also have access to their ACB Rebate Portal which allows them to update their address and information for their rebate to be mailed. It also gives users access to check their current rebate status. This page is able to be accessed from TSC Apparel's website under Club TSC or at

Within the first few weeks of club enrollment, new members will receive an email from TSC's partner, ACB ([email protected]). This initial enrollment email will have the subject line "Your Club TSC reward account has been established." This email will include your log in credentials for the rebate web portal Club ACB Incentives.

  • Your username will be your TSC account number.
  • Your password is a secure string of characters that can be found within your initial enrollment email.
  • You are able to update your password after your initial login.
  • If you do not receive this email or are unable to locate it, please contact a TSC Customer Care Specialist at (800) 289-5400 x2029.

Rebate cards are only deliverable to addresses that can be reached by the United States Post Service. If your address is not deliverable by USPS, the rebate cannot be processed.

  • To update your information log in to Club ACB Incentives.
  • Select the 'My Profile' option from the navigation menu at the top to view and edit your profile information. **Remember to save your changes before exiting the page.
  • If addresses are updated within TSC's database, it does NOT automatically update with ACB.
  • If you are having trouble logging into your rebate portal, please contact a TSC Customer Care Specialist at (800) 289-5400 x2029

Log in to Club ACB Incentives. Scroll over to the My Profile option in the navigation menu and select change password in the drop-down menu.

Rebates are processed and issued within 2 weeks after the quarter ends. Once shipped, they may take up to 10 business days to arrive. If you have not received your rebate card after this period, please contact a TSC Customer Care Specialist at (800) 289-5400 x2029.

Log in to Club ACB Incentives. Select Rebate Status from the navigation menu at the top to be directed to your rebate payment page where all cards issued will appear with the amount paid and shipped date. Please remember to allow at least 10 days from the posted shipped date to receive your prepaid card before contacting customer service. If you have done the steps listed and still have issues, please contact a TSC Customer Care Specialist at (800) 289-5400 x 2029.

Your card needs to be activated before using. Please go to to activate your card.

For inquiries about your card balance, transactions, and more, please contact Cardholder Services by logging into, or calling (877) 610-1075. Remember, only the actual cardholder will be provided information by Cardholder Services.

Yes. The prepaid card expires after midnight EST on the last day of the month of the valid thru date on the front of the card. Once the valid thru date has passed, the card will be void and will not be replaced. The card will no longer be accepted at participating merchants and any value remaining will no longer be availalbe for use.

No. We will issue a new Club TSC branded prepaid Visa rewards card for each quarter a rebate is earned. Each card will have an expiration date and the balances cannot be combined.

Yes. As long as you have not activated the card or it is not expired, you can get a replacement. Please contact a TSC Customer Care Specialist at (800) 289-5400 x2029

Club TSC benefits are cumulative between your quarterly Visa gift card rebates, freight costs saved on Free Freight Fridays, and pricing discounts on your orders. Your savings will depend on how often you bought with TSC Apparel to utilize your membership benefits.

The exclusive pricing benefits depend on the item purchased, and is not a straight percentage. Your Club TSC price will be listed in blue when viewing pricing online. Pricing shown in red reflects TSC Sale items, and pricing shown in black reflects the standard non-Club price.

We do not automatically renew memberships from year to year, and for this reason, you may get a call or email from one of our Club TSC representatives to renew your membership.

You can review your previously issued rebate cards when you are logged into Club ACB Incentives. We are happy to help troubleshoot issues with previous rebates. Please contact a TSC Customer Care Specialist at (800) 289-5400 x 2029.

If you believe your card has been used fraudulently, you can file a claim at MyPrepaidCenter or call 1-877-610-1075.

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