Warehouse Lead

Location: Portland, OR

The warehouse lead is a line supervisor reporting to the warehouse manager. The primary purpose of the position is to direct the activities of the warehouse's production. This position participates in the overall administration of the warehouse.

• Cost control while maintaining budget
• Maximizes inbound and outbound freight shipments
• Minimizes shipping errors
• Maximizes warehouse order management
• Maximizes equipment use
• Plans for current and future production requirements
• Implements plans and checks on progress
• Must be flexible with hours and willing to accommodate to meet daily needs

Job Requirements:
Required Education: High School Diploma
Desired Technology:MS Office Suite and FDM4
Experience Level:: 1+ years working within a warehouse

Skills/Characteristics Required:
• Customer/Client Focus
• Decision Making
• Leadership
• Thoroughness
• Communications (oral and written) skills
• Excellent project management and process improvement skills
• Strong analytical and problem solving skills, ability to hold Team accountable for goals.
• Strong Product Presentation skills a must.
• Advanced knowledge of Wholesale business, apparel knowledge a plus

Physical Demands:
The position requires primarily interpersonal and somewhat sedentary work such as lifting and carrying job related articles. Walking and standing dominates msot of the responsibilities.
Wile performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to read, count and write to accurately complete all documentation. Must be able to operate and use all necessary equipment (RF guns/scanners and FDM4 software). Must be able to climb ladders and lift items that can weigh up to 50 pounds.

Work Environment:
•This is a full-time position that requires flexibility in your availability of hours and times.

Social Conditions:
Overall, responsibilities require extensive communication and cooperation with customers, employees, other departments and vendors.

Questions about this position or to apply please email michellet@tscapparel.com
TSC is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

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