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Private Labeling


Need a Private Label? TSC can do it for you. For all your T-shirt, sportshirt and sweatshirt needs, let us help create the look your customers expect. We offer both traditional cut and resew labeling services.

Relabeling Information

Each re-label order is an individualized order process; the time it takes to re-label will vary dependent on the size of the order and how busy we are at that point in time. This will be discussed at the time of the order.

The type of re-labeling available will vary dependent on the garment to be re-labeled. Cost varies dependent on that process.

To have re-labeling done you must be a customer with TSC Apparel.
The goods to be re-labeled must be purchased through TSC Apparel.

Cincinnati and Denver are currently the only warehouses that have a sewing room for relabeling.Once goods are re-labeled they are non-returnable

** You provide your own labels**
Labels need at least a quarter inch seam allowance on the top edge to be sewn into the seam.
Labels must be sent to the proper warehouse c/o Re-Labeling
Labels must be received by the proper warehouse before the re-labeling process can begin.
Depending on the type of garment depends on if a joker will need to be added, if one needs to be added additional costs will occur.

Tag/Label- The item that has your logo or design on it
Joker- Care and sizing of the garment
Tape- Inside collar of the garment

Types of re-labeling offered by TSC Apparel:

** Please ask a sales rep about pricing**
Rip & Zip: (0898TSRL2) This process goes over the current joker, the original tag is ripped out, and the new is then sewn in.
Sew-fold: (0898TSRL1) This process goes over the current joker and is over the tape, the original tag is cut out, and then the new is folded on and sewn in.
Under-tape (0898TSRL5) This process goes over the current joker but it sewn under the tape of the shirt.